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We welcome you to INTERPEOPLE® Global Home Page!

Hello! This is your dream builder and CEO of Interpeople Co., Ltd., Hojoon Cho.

Since its foundation in 1999, Interpeople Co., Ltd. is making every effort to create a new value for our customers in the field of living furniture. On the basis of the experience in customized furniture design, the knowhow in agency business of launching brand products in the Internet market, and customer confidence, we launched the online furniture brand ‘Homeplex™’ successfully in 2006 with the motto of ‘Furniture reliable even without seeing.’

We have developed a beanbag chair with new materials and designs on our own, which has been already popularized in western countries, and launched it with the brand of ‘Homeplex Beanbag’, which won the Venture Design Award(VDA) of Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP), has been introduced to the market through various news media, and taken its place as ‘Homeplex™ Beanbag Brand’ holding the largest market share in Korea as the first one of its kind. Thanks to the superiority of our design and quality, since the year of 2008, we have exported our goods to Japan with the name of our own brand, and we are now also seeking to diversify our export markets together with buyers from many other countries.

In the midst of such a successful positioning in the domestic market and an increasing interest in overseas markets, we separated the beanbag line from the ‘Homeplex Brand’ and changes its brand name to ‘PolliMolli®’ in preparation for taking a leap as a global brand. Not just satisfied with the success in the domestic market, we will do our best to make PolliMolli® the best beanbag brand in the world with the development of innovative designs and endless passion.

It is just beginnings of our challenge. Thank you.

Hojoon Cho
CEO & President

Business area

Company history

JAN      Moved the Head Office - Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
SEP       226 pcs of bean bags placed at Hotel Glad Live Gangnam
MAY       Launched #702M Monsine bean bags
MAY       Launched Lim Ji Bin's Bear bean bags
FEB       Registered a patent - 'Protector pad for footstool bean bag' (Reg.No.10-1592932)
MAR      Registered Design patent for beanbag #604 (Reg.No.30-0791069)
JAN      Registered Design patent for beanbag Egg-Footstool™ (Reg.No.30-0779273)
DEC       Obtained 'K+ Certification' - KITA

OCT       Launched PolliMolli® bean bags - 104K(10colors), 604J(5colors), 604K(5colors), 701K(3colors)
SEP       Participates in The 13th World Korean Business Convention in Bexco, Busan (Sep.24~26,2014)
JUN       Launched a Protector pad for PolliMolli® Egg-Footstool™ bean bags
JAN       Registered a patent in Japan - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest' (Reg.No.5453454)
DEC      Launched PolliMolli® Egg-Footstool™ bean bags
DEC      The 3rd renewal of our company website (
NOV      zflex®, Winning a bronze prize at “2013 Trademark Design Right Exhibition”
OCT      Angry Birds™ beanbags receive Good Design Awards 2013(GD)
OCT      Registered Design patent for beanbag #901 (Reg.No.30-0710409)
AUG      Launches Angry Birds™ beanbags - Kids
JUL       Registered EU patent - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest' (Reg.No.2417877)
MAY      Attends KITAS2013 exhibition at SETEC in Seoul
MAR      Launches new 8 colors of beanbag #901
DEC      Registered patent in USA - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest' (US 8,336,964)
NOV      Launches new products of beanbag #901
AUG      Launches the world's first Angry Birds™ beanbags
AUG      Displayed at the meeting room in hotel W Seoul - Walkerhill
JUL      Attends SICAF 2012 exhibition at COEX in Seoul
MAR      Launches new beanbag fillings EPP
JAN      Signs Angry Birds™ beanbags' licensing contract with Rovio Entertainment LTD.
JAN      Registered a trademark for zflex® in USA(Reg. No.4,075,894)
AUG      Registered a trademark for PolliMolli MINI® in Korea (No. 40-0878108)
AUG      Applied for a international patent in China (No. 201080009077.5) - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest'
JUL      Applied for a international patent in USA (No. 13/144922) - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest'
JUL      Applied for a international patent in Japan (No. 2011-545305) - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest'
JUN      Applied for a international patent in EU (No. 10761793.8) - 'Beanbag sofa with retractable headrest'
APR      Registered an international trademark for zflex® (WIPO 1079913)
APR      Registered an trademark for zflex® in Korea(Reg. No.40-0859572)
MAR      Beanbag 101H, Displayed at BMW MINI Countryman launching show
DEC      PolliMolli®, Won the Best Trademark & Design Right Awards - Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO)
NOV      Completed the 2nd factory of PolliMolli® beanbags
NOV      Beanbag 101HG, Displayed at Samsung lounge in Guangzhou Asian Game
OCT      Zflex® notebook table, Won the Consumer Satisfaction Awards 2010 - Moneytoday
SEP      The 2nd Renewal of our company website (
SEP      Open zflex™ japanese website (
AUG      Launches beanabag #101HG in CJ Oshopping TV- Shopping star K
AUG      Launches 14 new products of Smartphone beanbag 'MINI'
MAY      Open PolliMolli® website (
MAY      Launches the flexible laptop table brand, zflex™ (
JAN      Registered a trademark for PolliMolli® in Japan(Reg. No.1000138)
DEC      Registered Utility model patent for Beanbag #101H (Reg. No. 20-0447052)
OCT      Registered a trademark for PolliMolli® in USA (Reg. No.3.701.855)
MAY      Launches 11 new products of #101H
MAY      Changes the beanbag brand name from Homeplex™ to PolliMolli® as an individual brand name
NOV      Launches 5 new products of beanbag #703
OCT      Participates in the Seoul Design Olympics 2008
AUG      Registered a Design patent for Beanbag #601(Reg. No.30-0493472)
JUL      Launches 5 new products of beanbag #702
APR      Open online furniture shopping mall (; Taking over through merger
MAR      Obtained the Certificate of ISO9001 International Quality Management System
JAN      Starts to export Pollimolli® beanbags to Japan
NOV      Won the Venture Design Award(VDA) for Bent Glass PDP Living Room Cabinet - Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP)
NOV      Launches 3 new products of #401 Cube stool
NOV      Won the Venture Design Award(VDA) for Beanbag #601 - Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP)
OCT      Launches 7 new colors of Beanbag #701, #501, and #301,and 8 new products of Beanbag #601
FEB      Registered a trademark for Airmesh Beanbag™ (Trademark No. 40-0697976)
JAN      Moved the Head Office (Installment sale) - Seongnam SKnTechnoPark Apartment-type Factory
DEC      Won the Venture Design Award(VDA) for beanbag #701 - Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP)
NOV      Registered a trademark for PolliMolli® (Reg. No. 40-0686454)
OCT      Launches 8 new products of Beanbag 501, 301 and Velboa
SEP      Registered Utility Model patent for Beanbag #701 (Reg. No. 20-0426952)
SEP      Registered Patent for 'The set-in closet self design price comparison program' (Reg. No. 10-0624529)
JUN      Launches Homeplex™ beanbags - Airmesh #701, #501, and #301 each in 4 different colors
MAY      Launches the online furniture brand, Homeplex™, the first of its kind in Korea
MAR      Establishes a beanbag factory
APR      Open the official internet shopping mall of Dongwha Natural Floor, 'Dongwha Mall' (
APR      Open the official Internet shopping mall, 'Hanluxmall' (
OCT      Signed the contract as an Internet vender for Dongwha Natural Floor
APR      Applied for the patent on the set-in closet self design price comparison program
SEP      Signed the contract with 10 design specialty shopping malls including Living Design Net for the supply of goods
JUN      Signed the contract with 8 general shopping malls including CJ Mall for the supply of goods
FEB      Signed the contract as an Internet vendor for Hanlux company
NOV      Signed the contract with 5 general shopping malls including for the supply of goods
AUG      Open Livart Bundang Branch
FEB      Signed the contract with Woori Home Shopping for the supply of goods
NOV      Open the furniture interior specialty shopping mall, 'Sweetvil' (
JUL      Starts consignment sale for Hanssem Interior Internet Shopping Mall
JUL      Established Interpeople Co., Ltd (Conversion of a private company into a corporation)
FEB      Established Living House Co.

CI; Company Identity

Your Dream Builder

The interpeople means human beings(人間). ‘Inter’ means ‘among(間)’ and ‘people’ mean ‘human beings(人)’. It implies the philosophy of coexistence that people can be complete human beings only when they are among human beings.

In addition, inter also means ‘Internet’ and ‘international.’ We want to be a company that communicates with people in the world and creates the happiness and dream of human beings.

Core values

The six core values of passion, knowledge, trust, teamwork, creativity and innovation are the image of talent, the way we work and promise with customers of Interpeople.

Passion & Knowledge

We have smart passion.

Trust & Teamwork

We put passion into action with trust and teamwork.

Creativity & Innovation

We contribute to the happiness of mankind with creative innovation.

Company overview

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  • Establishment date

    July 10, 2000

  • CEO & President

    Hojoon Cho

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    11-75, Gyeongchung-daero 963beon-gil, Chowol-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (zip 12807)

  • Main Business

    Manufacture of bean bag chairs and foldable laptop tables

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    Gyeonggi Seongnam 2007-355

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    ISO 9001:2008


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