PolliMolli® bean bags, PPL on MBC every1 TV drama, “Boarding house 24”

Date : 23 Sep. 2014 ~ Time : MBC every1 (Tuesday) PM 06:00 Products :PolliMolli® bean bags, #Angry Birds, #701, Footstool

PolliMolli® bean bags, PPL on tvN TV drama, “Princess”

Date : 7 Aug. 2014 ~ Time : tvN (Thursday) PM 11:00 Products : PolliMolli® bean bag #101HG, #901, #301, Footstool, Zflex table Z7

Launched PolliMolli® Egg-Footstool™ Protector

Worried about getting dirty in your office? Not any more with the new protector against getting dirty! 

PolliMolli® Bean Bags, Obtained Patent in Japan

PolliMolli® has obtained a patent in JAPAN. With an idea that can realize the Bean Bag’s looks and functions accordingly through a zipper open/close device, now we are able to preoccupy the core technology that can overcome its design limits. Please tune in to PolliMolli® in the world market, going beyond No. 1 in South Korea.

Zflex® laptop table, obtained patent in Korea

Zflex® laptop table obtained a patent on an invention of a pivot joint in Korea. This new technology of a pivot joint will be applied to a new product in this year. It will improve user convenience epochally because it is designed by the way of one-touch. [Patent 10-1342705]