Review of Beanbag 104K Grey ♡

​I used to use my bed for watching TV by lying or sitting on but this time I decided to buy a sofa when I moved in to a new house. Days of searching for the right sofa, I changed my mind to focus on sitting beds because of my limited space of studio, though couldn’t find any suitable one for my home.

All the reviews were complaining about: 1. cushion dead soon; 2. un-washable.

I hesitated but kept searching. Then I found Beanbag… The right chair that I wanted that I could sit on to watch TV, do something on my own including gaming!

And then another selection time came because there was more than one kind of Beanbag. So many brands, designs and types… I kept searching. At first, I was lost in so many types and then one or two things began to seize my attention.

​After days of consideration and asking for help to some of my friends, I finally decided to choose PolliMolli.


I chose PolliMolli Beanbag because of…


three critical reasons.

Maybe too many for critical reasons? Well, I gave up on the sitting beds because of its soon-dead cushion and unwashable condition.

(1) On the contrary, Beanbag could be used as much as time with its unique filling method. I could add fillings when cushioning decreases, which mean semi-permanent use. And then EPP fillings! Some companies use EPS fillings according to my investigation, but I learned that EPP is better for cushioning as well as odorless material than EPS.


(2) I feel relieved that I could wash the product. It could get contaminated. Beddings should be cleaned and washed regularly but the sofa can’t be. PolliMolli Beanbag has double covers as a big advantage for me to wash it any time.

(3) And the final reason is like a bonus: the package is in a waterproof bag during delivery instead of a normal box. What an eco-friendly concept? I cleaned the bag and kept it under my bed to store things that aren’t to be used soon.

Before purchase, I took some time to choose the right PolliMolli color. First, I ordered 604J thanks to its arm rests to enjoy comfortable gaming.


It was awesome with the stool! It was great with arm rests but after spending some time in a sitting position, it was only natural to lean back with an extra cushion on my back. So after consultation with PolliMolli Customer Service, I replaced it to 104k as my main usage is for TV watching.

(What an excellent free refund policy within 3 days from purchase!)


Can you see that bulk? But it weighs a feather! It has a separate outer cover and an inner cover. Link the four strings in the head support when you cover the outer one to the inner one for easy application. Connect the neck part, tie the remained two strings and zip it, and it’s done! Really easy.

Application 1 Gaming

Actually I ordered this Beanbag to play that game. You MUST use it for gaming. In a relaxed position, you won’t recognize how fast the time passes.





Application 2 Watching TV

Great for gaming and without a doubt for watching TV. I sit on the Beanbag whenever I watch TV, even better with a footstool. As a person who uses a separate pillow for legs while sleeping, I couldn’t miss the chance to use that stool so ordered together.



Application 3 Reading

It’s good for reading a book. It ain’t show any discomfort even if one more pillow is under the neck as in the image. The Beanbag’s shape depends on how you put one. As in the image, a man’s Beanbag shape differs from a woman’s one. That guy probably liked stiffer way better with that pillow added. He sometimes adds that pillow and sometimes doesn’t.





Application 4 Taking a rest

104K can put the neck support back into position. Just put it in and zip it up then you can lie on your back. Amazing utilization, huh?



Beanbag is OK for sipping a cup of coffee or taking some food on!

It’s waterproof. You can just wipe it out and wash it. It has double covers, remember?



I found some reviews that it was bigger than expected, which made me anxious if it takes up too much space because I had given up on new sofa for that reason. But I found the solution easily: Just pick up and throw it on the bed while you clean your room.


The image above is validation that it’s light enough to be held with one hand.

Also, any man and woman can use it no matter how tall or big. The manual of PolliMolli Beanbag 104k reads that it is right for up to 185 cm (6ft 1”) tall, too high standard for people around me or me.

The tag on the Beanbag hasn’t removed yet to feel like the new product.


Also, any man and woman can use it no matter how tall or big. The manual of PolliMolli Beanbag 104k reads that it is right for up to 185 cm (6ft 1”) tall, too high standard for people around me or me.

The tag on the Beanbag hasn’t removed yet to feel like the new product. J

Above is part of my friends’ advices on which to choose from the first sitting beds, Beanbag, brands, designs and colors from the beginning.

One of them later told me that I was going to buy a new bag as I’ve repeated commenting on BeanBag, BeanBag…

After such a long time considerations, my satisfaction is growing as much.

I recommended it to one of my colleagues who was pregnant as a feeding chair and heard a word of gratitude from her.

The color option was not a headache inducer as monotone is my thing. I love grey!

I think this Beanbag is going to be useful for me. Thank you for reading my review.

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