EPP Filling


Comparison of Beanbag Fillings

What is Expanded Polypropylene?

EPP(Expended Polypropylene) is high performance engineering plastic that is used for material of product that is in need of strongness with lightness such as a car’s interior material, bumper or helmet. Especially, when you use it for beanbag filling, it legnthens it’s life much longer as it has outstanding recovery power against mechanical pressure.

It is harmless non-toxic filling with no smell and is eco-friendly material that is able to recycle 100%.

How much longer EPP endures than EPS?

EPP shrinks only 2% per six months. Longer you use, 10 times more economical than EPS.

Why EPS internationally?

  • First, EPS beanbags were first available in 1968, while EPP only in 2011.
  • Second, the number of factories that make EPP is much less than those of EPS, which makes it hard for beanbag manufacturers to buy EPP fillings.
  • Third, the price of EPP is much higher than those of EPS.

EPP smells?

Sour chemical smell of EPS is from pentane gas, the blowing agent. EPP doesn’t use any blowing agent so doesn’t smell.

EPP is heavier than EPS, they say?

0.9 kg heavier based on the largest Grand size. However, its total weight is light enough for children to carry over. (3~5 kg) Using EPS fillings more than one year will increase the weight as twice as much because of continued refills.

Since when PolliMolli® started using EPP?

Since March 14, 2012. We began using it after practical use testing for one year since EPP commercialization in 2011. Despite of production cost increase, we adopted EPP because it was superior to EPS in all areas.

Why PolliMolli® makes EPP white?

Most EPP color of other companies are grey, which makes the fabric cover looks drab. PolliMolli®, domestic No. 1 brand, uses white EPP by customizing with mass purchase capability.

Can I replace my bean bag filling with EPP?

Of course you can. You can buy PolliMolli®’s high quality EPP filling here.

The volume of our bean bags’ filling is as below;

  • Grand size: approx 330~350 liter
  • Semi-grand size: approx 260~270 liter
  • Regular size: approx 170~190 liter
  • small size: approx 120~130 liter

Fill in around 2/3 of the beanbag, and then sit on it several times for perfect adaptation for you. Too much fillings will decrease comfort as you cannot sit on profoundly.

  • EPS (other companies)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (PS), named styrofoam or Styropor
  • Chemical blow using blowing agent (pentane gas)/ Small facility / Manufactured by many small & medium factories
  • Usage: Building insulation, packing materials, etc
  • Weight: 2.58 kg / 334 L (Grand size)
  • Sour chemical smell from the remaining blowing agent
  • Low Price
  • Poor Resilience
  • EPP (PolliMolli®)
  • Expanded Polypropylene (PP)
  • Physical blow not using blowing agent / Large facility / Blow technology patent required / Manufactured by small number of factories
  • Usage: Car bumper and interior materials, helmet, etc
  • Weight: 3.48 kg / 334 L (Grand size)
  • Odorless
  • High Price / About 1.7 times than EPS (same bulk)
  • Good Resilience